Roadmap for 2.0

Apr 23, 2010 at 8:55 AM

Desktop Google Reader has grown to a quite complete reader for all your unread items in Google Reader and giving all the possibilities the "API" of Google Reader has like sharing, tagging and so on.

But currently Google Reader is only showing unread items - no chance to see liked/shared/... items which are read already.

So Desktop Google Reader 2.0 (not saying that there won't be a 1.3.1 as 1.3 misses some social networks I would like to add) shall get a complete new data model so we can get different views - incl. (but maybe not complete):

  • All items (regardless of read state)
  • Unread items (the current view of 1.x)
  • Starred items
  • Shared items
  • Liked items
  • Tagged items (ideally with the "folders" view as Google Reader uses tags

Additionally a search shall be included (as you might no I am doing a tool called Winslew in parallel and know already how I get this easy and fast :)) 

Finally (as we will get more data to view) all list shall be sortable by some major keys like title, date and so on.

Technically this will mean a major rewrite of much code of Desktop Google Reader. All concepts are done but the coding will take quite some time. Anyone wanting to participate - this could be a great moment to do so :)

P.S. also some performance improvements shall be made - maybe some of them already will be done already in 1.3.1